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nTice nSound nHance nCode nCase MagicKey

DOMO nCode CCD 708

DOMO nCode CCD 708
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Brand: DOMO
Product Code: nCode CCD 708
Availability: Out Of Stock

Price: Rs.1,490.00
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The DOMO nCode CCD708 is built for stability with a very economical price and simple design in mind. Being a short range CCD scanner, the nCase CCD708 is widely applied in supermarkets, local stores, and warehouses. Though based on CCD optics, the performance of nCode CCD708 is almost as good as that of a laser scanner and with the low price it is perfect for low to moderate usage purpose.

Technical Specifications - nCode
nCode CCD708
CCD 2048 Bits (Charge-Coupled Device)
Scan depth
80mm (3.15 inch on contact)
Scan speed
140 scans/ sec
0.10mm (4 mils) (code128, pcs=90%, on contact)
30% or more
Red light for scanning success
Beeps of three kinds for different operations
Physical Parameter
180 mm
25 mm
85 mm
165g (including cable)
2m (straight)
Output voltage
5vdc ± 10%
from Tablet/POS/Computer or External Source
160 ma
Operation temperature
0~40 Degree Celsius
Storage temperature
-10~70 Degree Celsius
20~85% rh (non-condensing)
Light level
1500 LUX (fluorescence)
Anti-vibration capability
Built such that the Scanner will work even after falling from a height of 1 meters.
Warranty - Accessories
Warranty Type
OffSite (Against Manufacturing Defects)
Warranty Term
3 Months
Not Covered in Warranty
Physical damages, Water Damages, Moisture Damages, Seal Tampering & Burnout Cases
Online Support
Online Knowledge Base, Support Tickets, Phone Support
Post Warranty Type
Onsite (Paid Services)

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