DOMO joins ‘Make in India’ initiative

DOMO joins ‘Make in India’ initiative

DOMO aims at meeting high quality standards and at the same time offering competitive prices by being a part of the 'Make In India' campaign. This initiative will further nurture innovations and skill development in India.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India- 13th November 2015,

Merely a co-incidence that Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Make in India programme and DOMO Gadgets, the successful runner in the field of tablets, smartphones and various accessories is accentuating towards the Indian Government initiative of “Start-up India”. Travelling around the globe this campaign is making policies, hosting events and setting India to all new pinnacles. 

The Campaign is setting new milestones for the manufacturing industry. The government’s vision for a growth of 12-14 % for the manufacturer will increase the domestic production globally. The electronics market of India is one of the largest in the world and DOMO’s contribution to meet their goal focuses on job creation and skill enhancement is a perfect fusion. DOMO has setup Tablet PC manufacturing plant in Mumbai and soon plans to manufacture Battery and Charger for Mobile Phones as well.

Sanjay Kaur, Business Development Manager at DOMO said “The growth of electronics manufacturing in India is not only related to government policies for this sector, it is also linked to the availability of trained professionals who can be employed by the companies. The ease of doing business is also a cause for concern; if the campaign is successful it will surely transform India to a manufacturing hub in this sector.”

Anuj Srivastav, PR and Media Manager at DOMO said “With again new feather of “Digital India” ,“Smart City” , ‘National Manufacturing Policy’ and ‘National Policy for Electronics’ will lead to boost in electronics manufacturing in the country and India will not only gain prominence but also make itself an attractive FDI destination.”

About DOMO

DOMO is known for manufacturing tablets, smart phones, 3D glasses, earphones and various other telecom and IT accessories that are being sold in the e-commerce and retail sector. DOMO has established itself in the market with a very strong service pattern and quality products, making it one of the fastest growing brands in electronics. The intention of the organization is clear: increase revenues by selling quality products and giving strong service backup, eventually achieving fame in every corner of the nation. Contact us for detailed information.