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DOMO Enthral S9 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Red

DOMO Enthral S9 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Red
DOMO Enthral S9 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Red DOMO Enthral S9 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Red DOMO Enthral S9 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Red
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Brand: DOMO
Product Code: Enthral S9
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Price: Rs.1,990.00
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DOMOEnjoy rich audio with the DOMO Enthral S9 behind-the-neck headphones that use Bluetooth connectivity for easy device pairing. Now enjoy freedom from wires and move around freely during your listening sessions - the DOMO Enthral S9 allows you to listen to your favorite songs or take calls from up to 10 Meters away from your Bluetooth enabled gadget.

The headset also features universal compatibility and can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device--it's simple to set up and takes only seconds to pair. All that said, the DOMO Enthral S9 is strikingly more comfortable to wear than other over the ear designs.

Breathtaking Sound:
DOMOThe DOMO Enthral S9 lets you wirelessly stream music from any compatible Bluetooth device and delivers excellent in-call sound clarity and seamless audio playback--even in noisy environments. The soft ear buds successfully reduces ambient noise helping you to enjoy every beautiful detail of your favorite music. With good mid-bass response and a bright timbre, the DOMO Enthral S9 sounds clear and pleasant. And thanks to enhanced bass and high-definition audio, this headset will play your music with superb fidelity. You'll also enjoy remarkable call clarity. Powered with an audio codec capable of delivering High-Definition stereo surround sound, you can expect a rich music experience.
Comfortable, Lightweight and Ergonomic Design:
The DOMO Enthral S9 has a sleek, comfortable, and secure design. The rigid plastic band sits right behind your neck, while the flexible and textured plastic arms on either side hold the earbuds. Lined with soft rubber, the DOMO Enthral is highly comfortable and almost unnoticeable once worn. The earbuds are covered with soft rubber which also helps in reducing ambient noise. Placed just behind the neck, the buttons are simple and easy to use even without sighting them. The Enthral S9 is fairly lightweight, making it comfortable enough to wear all day. And with the moisture-repellent coat offering a sweat-resistant feature, you can listen to your favourite tunes while you work out.
Easy to Use Controls – Handle Music With Ease:
The DOMO Enthral S9 has a behind the neck control layout that allows you to easily manage your music and calls. Buttons are well placed and are protruding enough to feel and operate without sighting them and since they are on the back, they do not create any hindrance. They let you accept and reject calls, toggle between music tracks, pause and play a track, adjust the volume of your music or phone call and power on or power off the device. And if you should receive a call while your tunes are playing, the music will automatically pause. Just press the call button on the back of the headset to accept an incoming call.
Ease of Calling and Universal Compatibility:
DOMOThanks to a small, high-grade microphone located beneath the left speaker, the DOMO Enthral S9 will pick up your voice in crisp detail. Now you can have trouble free long conversations, keeping your hands free for multitasking. The Ear Buds deliver robust audio and generate rich, powerful surround sound while at the same time reduce ambient noise which helps when you are outdoors. And whats more, the DOMO Enthral S9 Bluetooth hands free is compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices and should deliver optimal performance with any compatible device.
Charges with USB and lasts longer!
DOMOWith an onboard Mini-USB charging port on the back of the device, you can easily charge your DOMO Enthral S9 from a Laptop or any 5v USB source like a Desktop Computer or a standard mobile wall charger. The DOMO Enthral S9 rapidly charges in less than 2 hours allowing you to be ready again to enjoy music and take calls on the go. The DOMO Enthral S9 has in inbuilt 110 mAh Rechargeable Battery which offers up to 6 hours of talk time, up to 6 hours of play time or up to 250 hours of standby time for lasting use.
*usage time depends upon many factors including but not limited to usage conditions, usage habits, charging habits, distance of communication, volume and interaction frequency. Usage time will decrease over time.


Technical Specifications - Enthral
Model ID
Enthral S9
Type of Headset
In The Ear
Wear Design
Behind The Neck
Black with Red Details
Audio Controls
Volume Up / Volume Down
Previous Audio Track and Next Audio Track
Call Controls
Call Answer / Call End, Call Reject
Switch Between Call and Music
Automatically switches between call and music with call always given preference
Other Control Features
Power On and Power Off
MicroPhone Type
Built In MicroPhone
Sound Systems
Noise Reduction and Cancellation
Single Mic Noise Reduction (Headphones)
Other Sound Features
Echo Cancellation
150 x 140 x 30 mm
27.5 g
Additional Features

Automatic Volume Control
Active Pairing
LED indicator
Automatically Connects to the last connected Bluetooth Device
Call transfer between the headset and bluetooth cellphone

In The Box
1 Enthral S9
1 MiniUSB Cable for Charging
Enthral - Bluetooth
Wireless Type
Bluetooth Version
3.0 + EDR
Bluetooth Profile
Bluetooth Range
10 meters
Play Time
6 hours
Talk Time
6 hours
Stand-by Time
250 hrs
Charging Time
2 hrs
Battery Capacity
110 mAh
USB Charging
USB Connector Type
Warranty - Enthral
Warranty Type
Offsite (Against Manufacturing Defects)
Warranty Term
3 Months
Not Covered in Warranty
Physical Damages, Water Damages, Moisture Damages, Seal Tampering & Burnout Cases
Online Support
Online Knowledge Base, Support Tickets, Phone Support
Post Warranty Type
Onsite (Paid Services)

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